Anc Civ Chan Lesson Plan Template1 Sep 29 To Oct 3 2014 Week 5 Essays

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Date: 9/29 to 10/3, Monday-Friday week 5,
Monday - 9/29 - Finding main idea
Tue 9/30 - Globe activity
Wed Geography Challenge
Thursday - Geo challenge - continued
Friday - 
Grade/Class/Subject: 6th grade/Ancient Civilizations

Unit/Theme: Unit 1 Early Man
Lesson: Geography of world and Africa. Introduction of hominids 
Standards: Anc. Civ. standard 1 (see board)
Common Core Standards SL.1+4:Prep for and participate in conversations and collaborations with partners, building on others' ideas and expressing own ideas clearly and persuasively. Present info, findings, and supporting evidence. W.8+9: Gather info from print and digital sources, integrate info. Draw evidence from literacy or info texts to supt analysis, reflection and research. R1: Read to make logical inferences from text

Content Objective(s): Monday - We will find main idea, modeled by Ms. Chan using infomational text on chapter 1.
Tuesday - We will use beach balls to review basic geography knowledge.
Wednesday - We will identify and locate continents and oceans in map.
Thursday - We will answer the geo challenge questions and label the African map.
Friday - We will continue with Geography challenge.

Language Objective(s): Mon - We will highlight the handout and main ideas and page this to page 25.
Tue - We will work in pairs to review the basic geography skills and write them on p. 27.
Wed - We will listen and complete the African map and the question/answer sheet on page 29.
Thursday - We will work in small groups to complete the geography challenge by labeling the African and Middle Eastern map with correct locations of physical features. p.31
Friday - We will complete graphic organizer on Australopithecus Afarensis in ISN page 39. 

Key Vocabulary
hominid, map, 7 continents and 4 oceans tool control fire biped make tools australopithecus afarensis homo habilis homo erectus homo sapiens neanderthalensis homo sapiens sapiens
Supplementary Materials
Teacher created graphic organizer - 5 Wh guide for informational text
Ancient Civilizations Vocabulary supplement
C-E-R graphic organizer
Textbook/Interactive Student Notebook (ISN)
Teacher Created activities 

Preparation Scaffolding Group Options
 Adaptation of content  Modeling  Whole class
 Links to background  Guided practice  Small groups
 Links to past learning  Independent practice  Partners
 Strategies incorporated  Comprehensible Input  Independent

Integration of Processes Application Assessment
 Reading  Hands-on  Individual
 Writing  Meaningful  Group
 Speaking  Linked to objectives  Written
 Listening  Promotes engagement  Oral

Lesson Sequence:
Essential Question: What is the geography of the region where first hominids appeared? How did it influence the development of Early man? Identify the 5 hominid groups and their capabilities.
Do Now: follow directions of teacher (8 min)*
HW copy in notebook/ISN Due on Friday 10/24 (3 min)*
Activity - Discussion, complete questions and answers, complete world map by working in pairs or 3s (25 min)*
Wrap up - Show your work (10min)*

* times are estimated, since students drive the lesson.