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Logan Redmond
Western Civilization I
Ancient Egypt. Films on Demand.
How would life today be different if we didn’t have ancient Egyptian pharaohs? That is the main question that seems to pop in my head every time I think about this certain time. To have someone powerful stand over you or on top of you and rule you is much used today. I think about this sort of situations if we didn’t have any type of rulers. I feel that having these pharaohs to control people was one of the best ideas which has pushed life today in the right path.
Pharaohs were not only one gender, it was both men and women. They were one of the strongest rulers during their time. They acted almost as the gods of the world but they were one tiny step below them. The reason behind this was that these Egyptian kings were ahead and above all other people; the high priests of all temples. If Ancient Egyptians wanted to talk to the gods, they would first have to ask the pharaohs which would stand in their place to talk for them. The pharaohs were made to talk to the gods so the Egyptians as regular people thought of them as such powerful rulers. One thing that I came upon in my notes was that the pharaohs would become a god after they died. This led to mummification where they were wrapped up in this type of cloth which help secure the body for a very long time and they were surrounded by treasures and goods to take to the Afterlife. Another great thing I seemed to notice was that the Pharaohs always had cobras on top of their heads and the reason for this was to protect them from evil. What they believed in is much farther than anything I could ever imagine. They had such creative minds and the things they believed in were believed by every ancient Egyptian. That was just the way of life and how they lived it. One thing that kept the Egyptian kingdom together was the…