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Ancient Greece was a great empire that only lasted a short time, but in that short time the leaders and philoshers and just your ordinary worker in Greece built and left a legacy that is felt many of thousands of years later today. Greece was a great collection of many empires and city states in its early days. This later lead to the start of alexander the greats huge empire that spanded across Greece and its many colonies.Greece was a very classical and religouis based empire with many gods. The greek gods leave a legacy in and of themselves with the well known stories of zues and, Neptune and so forth. When people think of Greece usally a couple of things pop into there mind like the parthanon which is built on a huge fortress like hill to the goddess with the name Athena. Or you think of the greatcity of Athens itself with its many temples and buetiful architecture. Wether you are talking about the temples of Greece or the many gods and goddesses it all falls into place to mae this ancient empire come to life in our minds today.
When you think Greece you also think of alexander of macedon , who is more well known as alexander the great who built a huge empire and wealth in the time of his rule. Lexander went on many military conquests to control and expand his big empire one of those is the great invasion of Persia. Alexander assembled forty eight thousand men to go on an offensive to the Persian empire. Alexander was a very smart strategist nd leader. He inherited a well equipped , well trained, well disciplined veteran army from his father Philip which made his plan of invasion seem that much more 331 b.c. alexander took over Egypt and then planned on moving his borders to the Persian empire. He took Pasargadae and burned the palace at Persepolis and he pursued the Persian army until he finally defeated them and established himself as the new ruler of the Persian empire.
But alexander and his amazing army of combat veterans did not stop there. Alexander had bigger ad better ambitions. He took his army on a conquest into india. They crossed the indus river entering the Punjab. He subjected local rulers and probably would have gone on with his military conquest of india except that his troops did not want to proceed with the journey any farther. In 324 b.c. alexander and his army of veterans returned to Mesopotamia. Here they celebrated there victories in an endless feast that seemed to last forever. In his time alexander established