Ancient Greece Paragraph

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Paragraph #1: Introduction
The geography of ancient Greece, influenced the ancient Greeks by a great deal. Most of ancient Greece is a peninsula in southern Europe surrounded on the east by the Aegean Sea, on the west by the Ionian Sea, and the south by the Mediterranean Sea. Ancient Greece started in 750 B.C.E. and ended in 338 B.C.E. The mainland has many mountains, and there were many islands surrounding the mainland. The ancient Greeks lived throughout ancient Greeks, mostly on farms, and villages. The strange thing about ancient Greece, is if you look at a map, ancient Greece looks like an outstretched hand with fingers reaching toward the Mediterranean Sea.

Paragraph #2: Isolated Communities and Difficult Travel
The ancient Greeks
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The land was rocky, water was scarce, no major rivers, and it rained mostly in the winter but they found a solution. Some of them “earth steps” which are big flat steps built into the sides of mountains and hills, so get more space for farming. Others grew crops that needed little land such as grapes and olives. They used the olive oil for fuel (lamps), cooking, and even soap. They also couldn’t raise another important part of food, cows. Because cows needed flat land to graze, so they raised sheep and goats instead! As if there weren’t enough problems already, shortage of food and farming land led to many …show more content…
As ti grew, there wasn’t enough land for farming, and therefore not enough food to eat. That caused the ancient Greeks to separate into different colonies. Many ancient Greek communities sent people across seas in search of new land to farm on, and after the crops had grew, to bring some back. The ancient Greeks prepared before leaving home. They consulted an oracle to ask if their actions would do well. They would also gather food and supplies for the hard trip, and brought some of the holy flame from their towns flame, to make their own in their new colony. The trip had a lot of obstacles along the way such as: the long journey, finding space to set up a new colony, finding a space with a natural harbor, and good farmland. The ancient Greeks established colonies between 1,000 to 650 B.C.E. The colonies first settled in Asia Minor (Turkey), them later settled in Spain, Italy, France, Africa, and along the Black Sea. Making colonies helped spread culture, and helped colonies flourish in different ways, such as farming or