Ancient Greek Religion Essay

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Performance Assessment 1: Religion
Femi Odemuyiwa
There are many differences between Ancient Greece Religion, and present American religion. One of the reasons why, was because Ancient Greece and American religions do something different with their churches. In most present religions, a church/temple is a place to worship, and gather together in prayer. For the ancient Greeks, it was a place to be “houses”for the Greek gods, and it was rare to go inside the Greek god temples. Each temple had it’s own god beside an altar, and a sacred fire at the altar was always burning, by men and women who served at the temple. Ancient Greeks had sacrifices like a cow, bull, or even a person, with some wine milk cakes and pastries to be offered to the Gods
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Ordinary officials acted like priests. I can’t think of any religion inside present day America that is closely connected to the government. Another reason why ancient Greek religion and present day America were different, because inside Ancient Greek religion, they worshiped many gods. The Ancient Greeks said that the Gods were everywhere, the land the sea, in the sky, on the moon in sacred oak trees, in olives, floods, natural disasters and anything that was good or bad, the Ancient Greek Gods had to do something with it. Inside present day America, there is only 1 religion that is very similar to many gods, and the gods being everywhere: Hinduism. Inside 6th grade, they taught us that inside Hinduism, they had over 300 million Gods. I’m not Hindu and I don’t practice Hinduism, so I don’t know a lot about these Gods. All that I remember that the 6th grade social studies teachers told me about these Gods is that they were everywhere, and anything that the Hindus got into, the Hindu Gods were the blame for it, just like the Ancient Greeks. Finally, Ancient Greek Religion lead to the olympics, and drama. Their Religious activities included many festivals during the year; as part of the festivals, the ancient Greeks put great effort inside the athletics, poetry, music, and theater. I don’t think any religion activities from many American Religions lead to great achievements, but inside many religions