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Modern Vs Ancient
Medical Practices
Ashley Vasallo

Treatment, medicine, and beliefs are all different, all over the world. In ancient times, before we knew all we know about the medical field and the body today, it was especially different, considering they didn’t know even close as we know in modern times. The beliefs for why diseases and sicknesses were very different from now, and different beliefs vary throughout the world. Some places like Ancient Egypt believed diseases and sickness were from the Gods, and many other places had theories along those lines also, whether it was demons, energy, or Gods, it is all very different from modern times.
Even though they had different theories, different medicines and recipes than we do, it doesn’t mean those ancient places didn’t contribute to modern medicine. Actually, some medicines and techniques are formed from ancient medical documents found.


Similarities in modern medical practices and ancient medical practices

Some modern day medical practices are similar to the ones used in ancient times.
Most of the treatments, medicine, used in modern medicine are based of the ideas of recipes from ancient times, obviously modified for the modern day. A physician in
Ancient Greece used a pledge, doctors still pledge to today, the pledge is "Do not harm"


From each culture what are some major contributions to modern medicine?
Ancient Egypt:
Ancient Egypt contributed many things to modern medicine, they were very skilled with many things.
Ancient Egypts weather is dry and hot, which is why when the papyri was discovered it was intact. Papyri was medical documents that included techniques used and then studied to learn the techniques.
Egyptians were very educated on healing herbs and repairing physical injuries, such as a broken bone. They were also very adept to performing eye surgeries, also curing night blindness. They contributed many things, including techniques in the papyri, and herbal mixtures to cure sicknesses.

Ancient Greece:
Although the Greek were not as skilled as the Egyptians they still contributed to modern medicine a great deal. One of the most famous Hippocrates made a pledge that doctors still use today, "Do not harm" he used before helping a patient, pledging to never harm the patient only help.
Another contribution he had was the his idea of separating medicine and medical treatments from the rituals used by priests. He also started the idea of interaction between the doctor and patient, attempting to find out everything he can to help a diagnoses. Mesopotamia:
The first civilization in Mesopotamia was called the Sumeria. The Sumeria left writings that have been studied, they were a number of medical writings and ideas. They described medical treatments in great detail which helped with the study of medicine. Many of the things described in those writings are very similar to today's medicines and practices.
Ancient China:
Many doctors in Ancient China used acupuncture as treatments, acupuncture is popular today used for releasing pressure. A legendary emperor wrote The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal
Medicine, which is considered the oldest medical textbook in the world. Other Famous doctors wrote books describing herbal remedies too. A doctor named Sun Simiao wrote more medical books, some listing thousands of recipes for different medicine.

Differences in Ancient medicine and
Current day medicine
There are many differences in Ancient medicine and Modern medicine, especially since the advances in medical history. In ancient times, a lot of doctors and people thought diseases and sickness either happened from the Gods, or your energy or demons, it really just depended on where you were, so a lot of their medicines were remedies, or herbal mixtures, potions or even magic. In Modern medicine we are more advanced in technology