Ancient Rome and Oldest American Civilization Essay

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Classical Rome) KEYYYYYYY
1. Describe how Carthage fell to Roman control.
Carthage fell after the Punic Wars. There were three Punic Wars. Each war, Rome got closer to taking over Carthage Then at the last war Carthage fell and Rome killed all the soldiers. If the soldiers were spared, they were kept as slaves.

2. What are some examples of Roman architecture that were places for all of society to meet and be entertained?
The Circus Maximus, Pantheon, and the Coliseum were all places for society to meet and be entertained.

3. Basic Principle for the Accused:
They are innocent until proven guilty.

4. Poetry/Arts/Literature:
They used satire to make fun of Romans indirectly. The art was more real and more grandeur.

5. Family/History/Education:
Boys were taught rhetoric, English, and literature and girls were homeschooled and taught more homey skills.

6. Philosophy of life:
Stoicism-importance of duty and acceptance of one’s fate

7. Technology/Science:
Aqueducts-tools used to bring in water

8. Religion:
They had temples, celebrated feast days, worshipped gods and goddesses, and were polytheistic which was their main religion.

9. Rulers:
Caesar provided public land to the poor.
Caesar supported a new calendar.
Hadrian built a wall across Britain.
Caligula appointed his horse as consul.
Augustus left high level jobs open to all.
The Pax Romana ended under Marcus Aerulius’ rule.
Marcus Aerulius enjoyed reading philosophy.
Caesar gave Roman citizenship to more people.
Augustus took census of population.
Augustus created a postal service.
The Senate killed Caesar. Hadrian codified Roman law.
Augustus was the first Roman emperor.

10. What were the four main causes for the fall of Rome?
The fall of Rome was caused by the weakness of the military, society, economy differences, and political differences.

11. What was the oldest American civilization?
The Olmecs were the oldest American civilization.

12. What s Tikal to the Mayan society?
Tikal is a city in the Mayan civilization. It is also the tallest pyramid in the world and even created temples.

13. What was the importance of Cuzco?
Cuzco was the center of Incan religion and the city.

14. Who were the Anasazi?
The Anasazi were the best-known society in the southwest. They built houses in cliffs because it offered protection from raiders.

15. What was Teotihuacan?
Teotihuacan was a well -developed city in Mexico.

16. Who expanded the royal courts and also persecuted the Jewish people?
Louis IX expanded the royal courts and also persecuted the Jewish people.

17. Who compiled the Domesday Book?
King William compiled the Domesday Book.

18. Who aided Charlemagne in creating a “second Rome?”
Alcuin of York, a respected scholar, helped Charlemagne in creating a “second Rome.”
19. List the Five Pillars of Islam.
The first is a declaration of faith.
The second is daily prayer.
The third is giving charity to the poor.
The fourth is fasting from sunrise to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan.
The fifth is the hajj.

20. Of the Sunni and the Shiite, which believed that the successors should be descendants of Muhammad’s daughter and son-in-law.
The Shiite believed the successors should be descendants of Muhammad’s daughter and son-in-law.

21. What is the difference between patrilineal and matrilineal?
Patrilineal is inheritance passed down from the father’s side, when matrilineal is inheritance passed down from the mother’s side.

22. What percentage of Africa is jungle-like?
5% of Africa is jungle-like and you would most likely find it in a wet area, closest to the top of Africa.

23. African trade centers set up in the East and West. What were these