Ancient Time Table: Invention Of Writing And Sets

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Time Line

Invention of writing and wheels (circa 400 BCE)
Step Pyramid at Saqqara Egypt built (circa 2686 BCE)
Hammurabi Law code written (circa 2200 BCE)
Moses Establish Formal Judaism (circa 1300 BCE)
Lao Tse starts Taoism (604-531 BCE)
Siddhartha Gautama started Buddhism (circa 560 BCE)
Confucius us started social reform (circa 551-479 BCE)
Pericles established written (circa 40c BCE)
Shi Huangdi build the great wall of China (221 BCE)
Julius Caesar shifted Rome to an Empire (44BCE)
Jesus started Christianity (30 CE)
Fall of Rome (410 CE)

Moses Establish Formal Judaism (circa 1300 BCE): In Jewish history, Moses was the prophet whom God chose to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and to receive the Ten Commandments on the two Stone Tablets from God's hand. He brought the Israelites out of Egypt under God's guidance, and he received God's Torah and taught it to the people.

Shi Huangdi builds the Great Wall of China (221 BCE): The Great Wall of China was built mainly to protect the Chinese Empire from the Mongolians and other invaders. Shi Huangdi ordered the walls to be joined. Hundreds of thousand of laborers worked for years through bitter cold and burning heat. Many workers died. Over the centuries, the wall was extended and rebuilt many times. Eventually, it snaked for thousands of miles across northern China.

Jesus started Christianity (30 CE): Jesus’ teachings were firmly rooted in Jewish tradition. Jesus believed in one God and