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What are the advantages and disadvantages of creating slides from scratch? This means starting each slide as a blank slide; inserting text boxes and formatted text; and then adding bullets and numbering, colors, clip art, charts, and graphics you might want to use. The advantage of creating slides from scratch is that you get to be creative in your own way. You can set up your presentation exactly how you want it. “You can give all of your own presentations the same background and text appearance, which means that you can quickly swap slides between them if necessary. You will also know exactly how the slides follow on from each other and what the links are. You can time the presentation accurately because you know exactly what you are going to say.” (eHow tech, 1999-2012)If you make your own slides it will help you to learn the shortcuts available in PowerPoint. “Putting together a presentation from scratch means that you will have to coordinate all of the components of each slide and make them visually appealing. You'll need to create a layout that works for the type of information being presented on each slide, and insert a background, bullets and other graphics.” (eHow tech, 1999-2012). Disadvantage of creating slides from scratch is that it is time consuming, you have to make sure that all the components coordinate with each other, meaning if you choose a background, you have to make sure that the color of your text doesn’t clash with the background. “Another disadvantage is that if you are inexperienced, you will be tempted to put too much information on each slide, and to make the slides too "gimmicky". There are lots of effects available, and the neophyte is tempted to use them all - DON'T. It's really distracting for your audience. It is also easy to make mistakes with colors - never use red and green together for instance (about 10% of men are colour blind). And colors such as grey and yellow seem to have good contrast on your computer, but projected onto the large screen, they don't show up. Other colors are frighteningly bright on the large screen are tire the eyes of your audience.” (Askpedia, 2009). Bullet Points “Bullets points alone are not a good idea. There is strong evidence that they actually detract from the message rather than complementing it. Simple rule for using Bullet points:” (World Class Solutions) 1) “Never use bullet points” 2) “If you have to - never use more than three words in any bullet point.” 3) “Always complement the bullet points with graphics.” (World Class Solutions)

Use of Graphics

“Graphics are essential. Each page should have a photograph, a drawing, a diagram, or an animation. The graphic you use should relate directly to the point you're making. Don't use bland symbols (like two hands shaking or a skyscraper) unless you can come up with a new slant on it.” (World Class Solutions)

Use of Animated Graphics

“Animated graphics can be very powerful - but they must be directly related to the point you are making in that specific slide. If you choose properly they are very powerful because they will draw attention to your key points.” (World Class Solutions)
What are the advantages and disadvantages in using slide templates, slide layouts, and color and animation schemes already built into PowerPoint.

“An advantage to using a PowerPoint template is the lack of work involved. If working under an immediate deadline, templates are a viable option.” (eHow tech, 1999-2012). The advantage of using slides is that they can save you a considerable amount of time, as you can simply type your information directly into them. “If you don't have much experience using presentation software, using a template can help to provide your PowerPoint presentation with a cohesive look. They can