The Blind Side Analysis

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And the Oscar goes to…
Poignant, auspicious and over-whelming are all words that explain better than any others what The Blind Side is. This is one of those where you would shed a tear or two. It would keep you hugging your teddy bear and crying. The cinematography by Alar Kivilo was quite literally a work of art. That was what stood out during the play- his amazing camera shots. However, the real mastermind behind this auspicious film was John Lee Hancock.
John Lee Hancock, the 56 year old Texan screenwriter really pulled this one out of the bag! Clearly, being from Texas, which used to be a well-known racist state, he has witnessed racism towards black people sometime in his life. Because that is what he based this phenomenal film on. He has completely manipulated street life in his opinion, which is mostly factual, and come up with the Blind Side. This successful film wasn’t really a surprise to many because of his previous successes in this genre (sports inspirational drama). His previous successes include The Rookie. “Someone is going to win and someone is going to lose. That's also what happens in almost every movie...” quoted Hancock.
The choice of theme was based on the topic of racism. Michael Oher or “Big Mike” as he was known as in the film had a drug-addicted mother who the police always used to have to deal with. One day, the authorities took him and separated him from his mother. To save the trauma of watching his mother take drugs or do any other horrible thing in front of him, she always told him to close his eyes and count to 10. Then when everything was done, he would open his eyes as if nothing actually happened.
During this epic film, I cherished the scene where Leigh-Anne Tuohy took Michael in when she saw him walking on the street by himself in the middle of the night. She took him in and allowed him to sleep on their couch. The best part of this scene is when he gets up early in the morning, cleaned where he slept and tidied the rest of the house. I like this scene because the whole community thought that this would be a bad idea as he could rape her daughter, Collins and that isn’t good for her health, or for young SJ’s eyes, but this scene exhibited that it was just a