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Aryel Anderson
English Language Arts , 2nd period
14 November 2014 lost Waves
My heart was beating very fast, my palms started quivering because i was so inflamed. “ Ahh we're finally here,” i rejoiced out loud I hurdled out the truck , i instantly smell the salty ocean, that nice cool breeze from the ocean , the grains of sand crunching on the bottom of my shoe. later that night my mom implicated me of taking money from her purse. i raged “ no i didn't” in a very high tone we kept going back and forth until i said something i regretted. “ I hate you, i despise you.”
It felt so good , but yet i knew it was wrong to say that to my mom. i stormed out the place, like a crackle of thunder rumbling through the sky. I dragged myself down the beach very somber, the white sand crunching on the bottom of my bare feet, i just kept walking until i realized i had to use the bathroom. I stopped and turned and looked for my condo i didn't see the condo i started to panic. A shiver went through my body, my body froze up my heart beat got slower hot tears streamed down my cool check , i said to myself

“ i just need to run like forrest and never stop until it got me somewhere better and more safe.” so thats what i did i ran until i got to the pier. I opened the door and looked around for someone who could help me, i kept looking around until i saw a police spot the corner of my eye. I tapped