Anderson Cooper Book Review Essay

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Culminating Book Review
Anderson Cooper’s: Dispatches from the Edge

He is well known for working for CNN and is one of the most influential news reporters and show anchors. Anderson Cooper. He has written a rather tragic and informational book about his traveling and reporting experiences in a part of his life, his book is called Dispatches From The Edge, where he talks about four most important events that have occurred and made him into the person he is now. In each event, he’s with his crew, tying to get a good story and document about later. His cameraman and translator are with him, working around the clock, He begins to talk to us more about his early life, and continues to talk about his experiences in Sri Lanka, Iraq, Niger
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He is at a breaking point. In the beginning all that seemed that he wanted was stories, ratings, viewers, blood and bodies! . This really opened his eyes and made him realize that being in these disasters has changed him. Completely. It scared him. He felt uncomfortable. Like he wanted to run away. It was almost like his senses were back in tact. He started to think everyone else was dull and stupid. But, he finally came to realize it was he all along. It was his change that made him look at things more clearly. His mind was so caught up with violence; he had forgotten what a normal life back in Los Angeles would have been like. In the end, he has made it through. He made his way back home after days of hot weather, starving, working around the clock. He finishes that tough journey. This book made me learn a lot by his experiences. It showed me that whatever you do, you shouldn’t lose yourself as a person. Your identity. The book made much sense and though the writing I thought was a little raw, it was however, very straight forward. It was structured well, though it was mainly flashback content, he still had memory of each and every detail. What he said, whom he met and what he saw. It was realistic and overall, a great