Andre Agassi's Short Story Open

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Two of the main themes Andre Agassi has portrayed in his short story “open” written in 2009, is the relationships among generations within the family and the understanding of other people's behavior towards their loved ones based on their life experiences, such as immigration. Moving to a different country, adapting to a new culture and a new society trying to leave the past behind can be extremely hard. This is two of the issues Andre Agassi is focusing on in his short story.
Agassi’s is using a reader-friendly writing style. The story is told from the perspective of him as a child, and he is not using very complicated words, “I’m only eight.” The point of view of a child-narrator additionally enables the creator to give the content a specific naivety and puzzle, which keeps the readers intrigued because, as the storyteller, they don't have the foggiest idea about all of the details, “… I think there is so much about her that I can’t understand, and it all seems to flow from her choice of a husband…”. Agassi is using a lot of humor and irony which is very entreating to readers “…a wart the size of a walnut on the edge of her nose. Sometimes you can’t hear a word she’s saying because you can’t take your eyes off her wart.”. Agassi uses a lot of metaphors
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Agassi is born in America, but his father and his family immigrated from Iran. Agassi’s grandmother, as said, misses her home in Iran and sometimes she talks about it, “The old country, sighing around the folks he left behind.” She has a hard time feeling home in America and adapting to her new life. The father left Iran because of difficulty with poverty. He wanted an improved and greater life and was willing to travel to America, even with a fake passport. Isar, Mikes brother, wanted to leave because of the political climate. In the text, we see the reasons for immigration, policies and poverty situations, and low-skilled people who need their home