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Andrew Carnegie Andrew Carnegie, one of the captains of industry, helped build the steel industry of
America which turned him into one of the richest entrepreneurs of his age. He had an ambition for riches which helped him on his path to becoming such a successful entrepreneur.
His family fought to do away with inherited privilege and to bring about the rights of common workers. Carnegies impact with the steel industry was one of the most important innovations of the American industry.
Carnegie was born on November 25, 1835 in Dunfermline, Scotland. Carnegie came to the United States when he was 13 years old. He did not grow up with a lavishing lifestyle and worked in a factory for $1.20 a week. Although he had little education, his parents believed in strong habits of learning. He learned what poverty meant growing up, and it was set so heavy on his shoulders that he sought out to change those ways when he got older.
Carnegie moved up and up in his career from being a telegraph messenger, to telegraph operator, to assistant and telegrapher to Thomas Scott, and then to superintendent.
While he made many investments that were very good, by the next decade he was dedicated to the steel industry. He revolutionized steel production in the United States through his business which was the Carnegie Steel Company. He also built plants around the country that made steel production more efficient. By 1889, his business was the largest of its kind in