Andrew Carnegie Essay

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Man of the Hour

A man known for his legacy, his success, starting poor and working his way into becoming one of the most “influential Philanthropist” across the world. Andrew Carnegie started as just an immigrant coming across to America with little to no money in his pockets. Little did everyone know, his drive for success would lead him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs to ever live and founded a legacy that will never die in the Carnegie Steel Company. All of Carnegie’s life he lived in poverty. He was born in Dunfermline, Scotland to parents that believed books and education were top priority. This was his leading foundation into becoming the successful business man that he is still remembered for today. He immigrated to The United States at the age of 13 where he settled in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. He started his career in a factory earning a mere $1.20 per week; he soon found a job as a telegraph messenger. He soon advanced his career and worked as the assistant to Thomas Scott, a top official in the railroad. He learned about the railroad industry through this and three years later, was promoted to superintendent. He would later use this knowledge to his advantage and become one of the most successful and influential person of his time. Carnegie made many investments while working for the railroad that brought back substantial returns. Within the next decade, he founded the Carnegie Steel Company which changed the way the steel business worked. He built plants around the country and owned all the steps necessary for his business; raw materials, ships, and railroads. He soon became the dominant force in the steel industry which made him a very wealthy man. There was nobody that could compete with him. Carnegie was the dominant force of his time. Till this day he is known as the most successful entrepreneur ever to exist. How he did this while keeping a warm heart no one knows. He was one of the few men to actually reach success and give back to the lower class. Although Andrew Carnegie was probably one of the wealthiest people of his time, he maintained a servant’s heart and by the age of sixty-six already retired. With his millions he became an active philanthropist. I believe his kind-hearted personality could have only been due to his upbringing. Education may have been a priority by his parents, but servitude followed him. As discussed early, he grew up poor so once