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Summarise the main development of a child from the age range 0-2 years, 3-5 years and 5-8 years. The main development of a child is to learn new skills and do things to there abilities.

quicker than others every child has they own needs and abilities.

There is 5 main stages of development

A Childs physical need for a 0-2 range from holding they head up they self , sitting unaided, crawling and also should have masted the art of walking.Children aged 2-5years are able to climb up climbing frames and hop and jump. Then when a child reached the ages 5-8 they could be able to catch a ball throw it back skip with a skipping rope and draw trees and faces in detail. When i child is born they social development is all mostly through they parents and loved ones that care for them. Giving them a bath and feed them at meal times by the age 2 they reach a point when they like to begin to do it they self. They like learning to dress them self feeding them self and washing they face. When they come to the aged 3-5 they become through a age were they no whats wrong and right learn to share.when they become in the age range of 5 -8 they no how to make best friends and share they times with others.

A Childs intellectual development begins when they 0-2years old a child will learn really quick who there carer is by smell and sounds. They are able to hold things in they hand and play. By 2-5 years old they will be