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Andrew Green
Skills 2 homework

1. Identify the six main categories of poultry, and provide the following information:
There are six categories of poultry and they are chicken, duck, goose, guinea, pigeon and turkey. Chicken is the first and most popular type of poultry it has very little fat content and has both light and dark meat. The tenderness of the meat depends on the age of the chicken, if the bird is young the meat is tender but if it is older the meat is tough and stringy. The suggested cooking method is a combination of dry and moist cooking methods is depends on the age of the chicken. Younger chickens can be cooked in almost any method but older chicken are best stewed or braised.
The second type of poultry is duck which has dark meat and a lot of fat content. The meat of the duck is also tender and the suggested cooking method for a duck is roasting.
Another category of poultry is the goose its only has dark meat and has a high fat content. A goose under 6 months has tender meat and a easily dented wind pipe but a goose over six months have tough skin and a hard wind pipe. The fourth type of poultry is the guinea of guinea fowl it is a domesticated game bird the has both light and dark meat very little fat and a taste similar to pheasant. The meat of the guinea is tender so it is good for sautéing but can also be roasted it just has to be barded first. The fifth kind of poultry is a pigeon it has very little fat content the meat is dark and