Andrew Jackson Essay

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Andrew Jackson, America’s Mistake Although Andrew Jackson had many great accomplishments he made many mistakes during his time as president. He passed the Indian Removal Act in 1830, forcing nearly 90,000 Cherokee Indians to walk from Georgia to what is Oklahoma today. Jackson also destroyed the Second Bank of the United States, leaving the nation without anyone monitoring the money supply. Instead of listening to the opinions and wants of the American people, he took to his own will and did only what he wanted. The Cherokee people made many changes to their everyday lives in order to remain on their land. They changed their matrilineal system, they farmed, and they became “civilized” as the English men had said they needed to. They also helped fight in the war, although the Cherokee Indians made these many changes and helped Jackson become a national hero before his presidency Jackson returned their kindness and sacrifices by sending them on a long, tragic walk from Georgia to what is now Oklahoma. This walk is known today as the Trail of Tears. Many Cherokee men, women, and children lost their lives during this march. These very spiritual people could not even stop to bury and mourn their dead. Although the American people did not want to have the National Bank destroyed, Andrew Jackson did it anyway in order to get rid of something he did not like. By destroying the bank he left the United States without anyone to monitor the money supply. He used the veto more…