Andrew Jackson Good Or Bad

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Andrew Jackson was a good man. He did several of things to protect Americans. Like winning the war against the Redcoats and also making sure the National Bank doesn't control us Americans. But then he did bad things to lots of other people, such as making the Native Americans move west of Mississippi. To me Andrew Jackson was a cruel man. Some of the choices Andrew Jackson made weren’t so good but then they weren’t so bad also. But making the Native Americans leave their father lands was a terrible idea. If you put yourself in the Native Americans spot would you leave the place you grew up too also the place your ancestor lived and would you stand up for your rights to stay where you want to? Or do you want somebody to make you move to another place you have no experience with, don’t know the people, and also don’t know the culture in the west?
If it was up to me I would stay and fight for my rights, stay at a place I know from heart, and lastly stay where I grew up and where my ancestors and family grew up.
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I’m not saying it was a good idea for taking the bank's away, he could’ve fired the people that were messing around with other money. But also you have to think about the poor people, do they have enough money to provide for their family, to put a roof on top of their heads, and food on the dinner table? We wouldn’t know that until they stand up. The banks help control our money like making sure we don’t take too much money out because you don’t want to use up all of your money. The banks helped the rich and poor by making sure their money was in control and in a safe places so thieves wouldn't steal