Andrew Jackson Tyrant

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Andrew Jackson, our nation’s seventh president, strongly believed in a presidency which, “made him both loved and hated.” This common man lost all of his family at the age of fourteen. He grew up with his relatives and studied law. Jackson is very famous for defeating the British at the Battle of New Orleans. When he showed discipline at this battle, he earned the name of, “Old Hickory.” Not much later, he entered his new life as president, where not everyone loved him. Some may say Jackson was a hero because of his war efforts before he became president, however he took too much control over the nation and was a tyrant. When Andrew Jackson was in office, he was a king-like tyrant who abused his presidential powers, enforced the Force Bill, …show more content…
One bill that the president vetoed was the Second Bank of the United States. Many states in the south including Jackson, opposed the Bank because they believed it only helped the rich-businessmen. Jackson decided to veto the bill and give most of the funds to the states which was a horrific decision that led to inflation. As shown in source five, Jackson is holding a paper that has the word “veto” written on it. The picture portrays how Jackson used his powers as president too much by vetoing many bills, including the one about the second bank of the United States. (Source 5). Once Jackson realized that he had caused inflation he tried to improve the economy. President Jackson failed at this and did not improve the economy at first. He told the whole nation to use gold and silver instead of paper money when Americans would buy government-owned lands. Making Americans pay gold and silver did not help the inflation throughout the United States. Jackson tried another way of improving the economy. He lowered the national debt which also lead the way for economic troubles. All in all, President Jackson caused inflation by vetoing the bill on the