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Andrew Rudolph
15 September 2013
2nd Period
Essay #1
Why We Need to Go to School In the United States, laws have mandated students to go to school for at least twelve years. In this process, the government plans to educate all children everything there is in society and to teach them social skills that will last them a lifetime. As this law continues today, some argue that a few jobs do not require further education experience to do. Even though this may be true, throughout educational experiences, boys and girls will not only witness skills that will educate them, but they will also learn social skills that will be necessary for society. Children throughout the world should be allowed the privilege of going to school from first through twelfth grade; sadly, this is not the case. In the United States, the dropout rate has decreased since 1990 from 12 percent, down to 7 percent. Even though this may be so, teachers should still be trying as hard as they can to accept kids into their classroom and help teach them every skill they need to know for life. Benjamin Barber in America Skips School states that “teachers are to blame for this occurrence”. Although teachers could help benefit students’ attendance, more of the problem is probably associated in one’s home environment. The area one lives in usually means they are associated in whatever goes on in that region. When children are in a vicinity of the slumps, they tend to get caught up in the atrocious activity that is occurring there. When children go to school for all twelve years instead of being associated in these problems, they will not only be away from these issues, but they will be educated in the world’s problems and learn social skills that will help them in the world today. As society is breaking away from wanting to be schooled for twelve years, people that live in the poor parts of regions do not get same education as one would get from living in a wealthy part of town (Shorris 144). This is very well publicized as shown in Ed Shorris’s story on On the Uses… In this narrative, he describes the part of town he is going to so he can teach people who have not gotten the education they would have gotten if they stayed in school all twelve years. As he describes people’s reasons why they want schooling, this is a great reason why students and children need to be forced to stay in school. Although people may argue that home schooling is better, children probably