Andrews Literacy Dive Essay

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Literacy Dive

Andrew sudbury

Prof K
English I
2 July 2013

Prof. K
English 1 6pm
2 July 2013
Andrew Literacy Dive
At a very early age I was taught how important it was to read and write. The path they took in my life was a very different story all together. Growing up I had a very challenging time focusing on the topics and tasks I was reading and writing about. I had some very big factors in my abilities to read and write some good some not so great. These things had a very big impact on me whether it was good or bad. Reading was the first challenge I had to tackle but the mysteries I found and reading about all the places I wanted to see drove me to the library. My dad’s stories from the army peaked my interest and made me always want to know more. My dad was a Vietnam veteran whose stories could make you thank the lord you didn’t have to go through what he had to in the deep jungles of Vietnam. He would sit and tell me the stories of fighting next to his friends and watching the struggles of each other. These stories made me want to know more about these events he went through so I could finally be able to understand what he went through. His words could only paint so much of a picture so I started reading book and the Vietnam War. From the scenes in Da Nang to the fire fights he encountered in on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The more I read about the history the more I wanted to know. The new horizons these books opened up to me was something that really intrigued me. The most compelling time I had with reading was in elementary when the teacher reading a book set in England had a very familiar name. “Arch Bishop Sudbury” the teacher said and I couldn’t help but stare in shock to find out that my ancestors were high in the Catholic Church. I knew that my roots were linked closely to Cherokee Indians as my grandfather was one half Cherokee Indian. So I read many books trying to trace my ancestor back through the ages. It also made it fascinating to look in to all sorts of mysteries. It also pushed me to reading real life ghost stories which most people think they don’t exist but with the more I read seemed more and more possible. The good old scary movies reinforce my drive to delve into this world of the unknown. The ghosts of Gettysburg to hotel hauntings and even old abandoned haunted houses always scared me so growing up books was the easiest way to sooth this curiosity. Even movies made me read into the back stories to which they were based off of to look for more information and to look for other stories to read about the topics. The other side of the coin was the