Andy's Short Story Essay: The Homeless

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Pages: 3

Ever since Andy became homeless, he’s never been able to look after himself properly. Andy was now broke, and living on the cold, dark and dirty streets, with no family to care or support him. At night, it was hard for Andy to get to sleep because his box was infested and the ground was rough making it very uncomfortable. People chatting on the street got annoying, but the glares of disgust hurt the most knowing that they have no respect for him. People would donate some spare change here and there but nothing to generous. Andy would often compare himself to others knowing they have a better living and money to last them a week or two. His hunger sometimes got so severe that he had to beg for food, which he hated because he knew that some people can barely afford food, like himself. …show more content…
On this night, Andy was asleep as bugs would crawl around in his box. A man walked past and noticed Andy asleep with no blankets, pillows or warmth in the freezing weather. The man felt ashamed to see that Andy had only earnt three dollars that day. The man also felt anger because he saw that people didn’t care that the man didn’t have a living. They just walked passed him thinking that he had no chance, no life and was hopeless. The man saw the disgust in their eyes and he gave Andy five hundred dollars. Andy awoke the next morning to see his little miracle in a hat. Andy was ecstatic and never got to thank the man because he left throughout the