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Adriana Kindelan
Mrs. Chen
English 1301-01
September 15, 2014
“Just One”
Fitting in, in High School is almost everyone’s desire, being popular, having a big group of friends was and it’s probably the way to get around. Feeling wanted is what most people want; being a part of a group of peers does give better self-esteem. People judge and will always judge, we are human and can’t help to. That’s why fitting in this society is vital and almost everyone is drawn by the pressure to be like everyone else. It’s hard sometimes to say no, the pressure of being at a party influenced by peers to drink can be a hard situation; it can lead people to think a person is weak or simply not cool enough. It was the second to last week of school, all anyone talked about was having and going to parties on the weekends. It was the type of parties with people of the same age, some older, and some ever younger with no boundaries and no limitations, of course that has to be a lot of fun. Yes I like to party, but I had never really experienced the kind of party where there are no adults and everyone can do whatever they want. A party with anything and everything to do had to be the highlight of being young, well for me, to be a High School student. It is tempting to get a little wild and crazy sometimes, having to follow the rules all the time isn’t the best. I was always trying my best, whether it was at school and at home. I can’t even remember a time where I broke any rules because I didn’t, I followed them. It didn’t make me have less friends but I knew for a fact I wasn’t the cool kid, the adventurous type, the wild one.
One of my closest friends Christina invited me to a party, a Saturday night house party. It sounded exciting, almost everyone, who was anyone would be at the party. Arriving to the party with Christina would say a lot, we had been friends since the sixth grade, we were completely different people, but we manage to stay close friends. Her hazel eyes were small, spaced evenly apart sitting below her trimmed almost perfect eyebrows, following her firm shaped nose; her thin curved red lips made it almost impossible to miss her perfectly evened out white teeth. Her long dark brown hair, not a single split end, evenly cut with volume and shininess. She was a doll; she was also very smart, smarter than me. She was a sweet girl, a good friend; she had experienced way more parties than I probably ever will. This was the first party I said yes to attending, it wasn’t the first time she had asked to go to a party with her, I’d always say no, because I had homework or simply because I wasn’t in the mood, but I make up excuses she’d buy, or at least she’d pretend to. She didn’t seem very surprised when I said I would go with her.
“You knew I would say yes?” I asked Christina
“No, but you had to yes eventually, school is almost over.” She said firmly
She had always been the confident type girl, one of the things I liked about her, and one of the many things we were completely differently in.
A house full of adolescents, I was pressured by most of my friends to drink because, I’d never had a drink before and being at a party like that everyone was drinking. I didn’t want to seem like the lame party pooper girl, I knew I had to have at least one drink to seem interesting, to fit in. Everywhere I turned my head there was someone holding a beer, boy or girl it didn’t matter, what mattered was having fun with a bottle of whiskey or Corona.
There was loud music, people dancing to all kinds of music in all kinds of way, enjoying the great party that it was, while I was