Anecdotal essay

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Anecdotal essay
December 9, 2013
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When I was a kid. I liked to test people, to see how they would react in certain situation. I got my dad’s phone and hid in the car around diner time when I knew my mom would look for me. I was playing snakes on the phone and after a while and mom started to look for me as I had expected. When she couldn’t find me in the house she called my dad he got all the neighbors. In just half an hour the whole neighborhood was looking for me but I couldn’t quit now because the snake had gotten really big it was going to be a new high score. After a while my mom got frustrated and started crying, my dad was looking for his phone to call the cops. So I got out of the car. My mom saw me through the window and said “Where were you”
I replied “I was testing to see how long it takes you to call the cops” she ran outside and slapped me and then hugged me till I stopped crying.
I believe that parents can shape their children’s future. The experiences a child has during the first 10-15 years of their life determines their personality. There is a reason why kids need a guardian until they are 18. Children’s are stupid, I know I was. Everyone has done a lot of stupid things when they were a child. I think I will monitor my child all the time until them 18. Parents have the ability to correct their child’s mistake before they even make it. Our frontal temporal lobe of the brain doesn’t fully develop until we’re 18 years old. This part of the brain is responsible for making rational and logical decision. Therefor parents have to guide children’s all the time so that they don’t make any decision that they might regret. In one of Shakespeare’s tragedies “King Lear” Lear gives everything he has to his young daughters. The daughters were drunk with power and kicked Lear out of the castle In the middle of a storm. If you carefully analyze the play you will find that Lear was a good person but a bad father. And he paid a great deal for that.
Some people say that parents shouldn’t be overprotective and they should let their kids learn by making mistakes. However it would be better to teach them by talking them out of doing bad thinks. Because sometimes the mistakes can be hard to recover from or even fatal. For example I read a newspaper article about a “mom who let her daughter drive to a party even though she didn’t want to. The daughter died in an accident while coming back from the party” (Peters). The mom shouldn’t had changed he mind because of her daughter’s arguments. Sometimes children say mean things when they don’t get what they want. Parents have to isolate their emotion and make objective decisions. If the mother had said no to