Essay on Anecdote: American Ballet Theatre and Congratulatory Letter

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Most people would not put getting blisters on your feet and sweating until you drop in the same sentence with "fun," but for me, the many hours I spent doing ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical were just that! When I first began dancing, I dedicated most of my time to my dance studio, June Claire. There, I was a student of dance working my way up to being a member of the studio's Ballet Company. However, making company did not come easy for me. After multiple rejections, I finally received the congratulatory letter I had been working for. My perseverance and dedication finally paid off with a spot in the company. It all happened four years ago; I can remember as if it was yesterday. It was during company practice, I went to begin the dance and as I jumped to begin a cabriole I fell hard on my foot. I have never experienced so much pain in my life. My mom immediately took me to the emergency room and I was told something I will never forget. I had fractured all the bones in the ball of my foot and would need surgery immediately, if I ever wanted to walk again. All the things running through my mind: never walk again, what about never dance again! Dance was my everything I couldn’t imagine not having it in my life.
A week later I went under the knife and had my foot reconstructed. It was a six-month rehabilitation and then three months of physical therapy to strengthen my foot back to the way it was before; at least I hoped. Nine months of not dancing was the longest most dreadful months I have ever experienced in my life. After everything I went through I had a follow up with…