Anesthesia and Dental Hygiene Essay

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Oraquix: Needle Free Pain Relief for Dental Hygiene Procedures

Does the thought of receiving Local anaesthesia for Dental Hygiene appointments cause you to be anxious? Not all clients require a local anesthetic. Some clients prefer to feel minimum sensation during their Scaling appointment. To achieve this Dr. Headley’s Dental Hygiene team is now using Oraquix.

Oraquix has changed the way pain relief is administered. It is now possible to achieve fast onset Local anesthesia effects in just 30 seconds, allowing treatment to begin quickly.
The solution is applied by the Dental Hygienist at the start of treatment for either spot treatment for sensitive teeth and gum areas or for full mouth periodontal (Dental Hygiene) procedures.

Profound anesthesia is achieved for approximately 20 minutes duration. This short acting
Anesthetic allows the patient to return to normal sensitivity and resume their normal activities quickly following their Dental Hygiene appointment.

Oraquix is safe and offers minimal risk for an allergic reaction.


Do you have red, swollen, bleeding gums, persistent bad breath or tooth sensitivity?
You may have some form of periodontal (gum) disease.

In a healthy mouth, shallow (1-3 mm deep) pockets exist where the teeth meet the gums.
When gum (periodontal) disease occurs, these pockets deepen. Deeper pockets accumulate harmful bacteria, which may lead to increased gum inflammation and eventual bone loss.