Angel Danger Essay

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Lizette Nunez
Professor Wilson
English 101
January 30, 2013
Angel Danger Every time you walk in a nursing home all the caregivers are as nice as they can be, but do you really think they act like that all the time? Not everything is what it seems to be, some of them might actually be nice and some of them as fake as one can be. I say this because I work at Little Angels a home for people with mental disabilities and there is more drama in that “loving home” than anywhere else I’ve worked. Some people like to talk about others behind their back and others are sweet as pie. Race or education does not make a person act the way they act. You would think a person with an education would act like he/she knows everything or that a poor person steals everything they see but that’s just stereotypes. I believe that a person who has respect and good manners can be black, brown, white, tall, short, educated or not educated. I just think people need to respect each other no matter who they think they are. As I walk in to the place I work at, the first thing any person would see is the nurse’s station, where a nice looking nurse is sitting down charting her work. Her name Melissa, she is standing at about 5 feet 3 inches with tan skin black long hair and dark brown eyes. She is the main nurse on the P.M. shift and today she is wearing a hot pink scrub top with purple, yellow, and green flowers printed on it, hot pink scrub bottoms to match, and white shoes . After the nurse’s station if you go to the left, there is a hall that has 4 doors on each side and those are the doors to the residents’ rooms. Passing those doors there is a large room which we use for activities to interact with the residents. Today there are nine people working a Little Angels; Leslie, Josie, Paytan, Kelsi and myself, we are the CNA’s, than there is Aime the activity aide, AK the respiratory person, Melissa the nurse and Jen the supervisor. As punch in to start my day at work I hear Melissa the nurse greetingt one of our resident’s parents. Melissa is Mexican, and anybody would think that she speaks Spanish but she doesn’t at all she only understands it a little. The resident’s parents are Hispanic as well and they start talking to Melissa in Spanish. Melissa says, “Hello, may I help you?” and the mom answers her in spanish saying “Hola, vengo a ver a mi hijo.” A little confused Melissa tries to answer in spanish and says “Si, filma aqui.” and she points to the sign in book and shows them the pen and says “Nomble aqui.” She sounds like a white person trying to speak Spanish because she cannot roll her R’s. The resident’s parents sign in and ask, where their son’s room is, “Por donde esta el cuarto de mi hijo?” I am sure Melissa did not catch that as she’s is there standing very confused and as I am laughing to myself in the background and watching them struggle to communicate with each other using body language more than words, Melissa spots me and asks me to help her out since I am bilingual. Oh well, fun ended too soon for me with this conversation. After I finished translating for Melissa, I went into the locker room where Josie and Paytan looked furious as I was putting my stuff away I heard Paytan saying “I am tired of doing all of the work Aime is supposed to be doing!” and Josie responds back saying “I know me too! She is the activity aide and barely has any work the least she can do is her own job. I just nod as I am getting a snickers bar from the bending machine trying to stay out of it. I can tell Paytan is madder than Josie because she is very blushed and her voice is serious as she says, “I am going to tell this to Jen…