Essay about Angel Sent From Above

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Kayla Johnson
Ms. Thompson
ENGL 1010-53
6 September 2013

An Angel Sent From Above
The definition of a picture perfect grandmother would be a lady I call mother. She’s has the eyes of a protector, ears of a listener, and the backbone of a supporter. She had responsibilities of her own but didn’t hesitate to take care of others when asked. My grandmother is significant to me because she’s a bundle of joy, has a big heart, and humble.
My grandmother is the person to be around, run to at any time of need, or just someone you could just talk to. She a small 4 feet 11 inches African American lady. She’s very loud, and doesn’t mind speaking what’s on her mind. Fell in love with Christ at a young age, and rededicated herself in the late 2000s. She’s a Christian lady who tries to abide by the rules, but make mistakes as well. My personality is a mirror image of hers. She’s an outgoing, happy, and loving woman who I wouldn’t trade for the world.
A lady who didn’t know anything about me until September 16, 1995, the day I was born, granted full custody of me January 1996. In the absence of my parents she stepped in and took responsibility. Raising a girl didn’t seem to be a challenge to her because she had already raised three boys one of them being my father. Living in government assistance housing projects wouldn’t stop her. She gave me the world with the support of her husband. She turned out to be the best role model she could be. Her big heart saved me from state custody, being a drug baby, or anything negative that I’m not today. Not only did she have a big heart that stood out, but also had a pair of helping hands that couldn’t say no.
A pair…