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Angelia Valenzuela
Professor Moharreri
English 81
01 October 2014
March to Freedom Edith Singer, a survival of the Holocaust shares her story with us in the book “March to Freedom”. A young girl trying to survive through a nuclear war. The most fascinating part of the writing is, that it was a real life event, placed back in 1939. We are able to read the book coming from a first person narrative, Edith herself. The text is very clear and gives amazing detail. While, she shares her journey to her audience, you can picture and imagine the tragedy, leaving you heartbroken inside. It almost feels as if, Edith is right in front of you, telling you, the struggles she went through. Each chapter in the book, acknowledges you with a sorrowful experience. The most unforgettable chapter in my opinion was, “Arrival in Auschwitz”. It shows how her life turned upside down so fast. Edith was so young and naive of everything that was happening. Being taken away to a new place of endless torcher and never knowing when the nightmare will be over. Constantly, being demand by SS guards and feeling powerless. The saddest part, is when, she is taken from her brother and father, never knowing when she will see them again. I could hardly bear the thought, of being separated from my family. “At 3:00 a.m. the Blockaelteste roused us by yelling again, this time to get up and out. It was pitch black and very cold when our first day in Auschwitz began”, this was start of her abominable life. Overall the book is very interesting and makes you want to keep reading. Every chapter informs you with details, facts, and experiences. “March to Freedom”, takes you through Edith’s survival of the Holocaust. This memoir