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Angelo Technologies
March 2015

Francis Onwubuche (17093705)

Professor Haq
NT-2790: NSA Capstone Project

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Hardware 2
Domain Controller 2
Client Computers 3
Switch(s) 4
Router 5
Software 7
Application Software and Web Applications 7
 Microsoft Office 365 2013/14 for 200 License’s 7
 Microsoft Project 200 License’s 7
 Publisher 200 License’s 7
 Barracuda Firewall (Provides both physical and virtual protections) 7
 VoIP Services Software 100 License’s 8
Software Security 9
Secunia 9
Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM) 9
Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) 9
Sky-high Secure 9
Total Security 2013/2014 10
Understanding the Threat 10
Comprehensive Virus Protection 10
Proven Spam Protection 11
Hardware Security 12
RSA SecurID Random Code Generator Hardware 12
Network Security Using Biometric and Cryptography 12
Alpha Shield Personal Firewall 13
Video Surveillance 14
Security Cable Lock System 14
Networks 15
Local Area Network (LAN) 15
Wide Area Network (WAN) 15
Domain 15
Work Group 15
Network Services 16
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) 16
Domain Name Server (DNS) 16
Virtual Private Network (VPN) 16
Cables 18
Jack 45 (RJ-45) 18
Cat5e Cables 18
Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit (CSU/DSU) 18
DataTerminalEquipment/DataCommunication Equipment (DTE/DCE) 18
Fiber Optics Cable 18
Protocols 19
IP Addressing 19
Back Up 20
Back Up Discs 20
Network Backup to a Local Server 20
Networking Backups to a Remote Host Service 20
Secure Storage Bricks 20


My name is Francis Onwubuche and I have been in ITT- Tech for 2 years studying Networking Systems Administration.
In small easy to build network, this guide contains several parts, and will guide you through a step by step process. My name is Angelo Stevens and I have been in ITT-Tech for almost 2 years studying the various aspects of network creation, design, and application.
To get started you must select the equipment you will be required to have for your system requirements. You must be sure that the hardware you want contains the appropriate cables, falls within your budget, and meets your needs. Note that you must also have all the software you will require for the amount of systems you intend to use The Network I am building is for 150 users with a 25% upgrade reference of room left for future company expansion.
Remember to leave yourself room to expand your company, this allows you to easily assimilate new members into the fold with very little down time, and it is how most companies today operate.

Domain Controller
A computer system dedicated to serve as the server using the installation of the Microsoft Server version 2008 R2, by adding a domain controller to the network it becomes more cost saving for the organization to have the system credentials, users, and groups as well as permission that an active directory domain provides, additionally you are able to set user definitions using the group policy matrix.

Thermaltake V3 AMD Edition Mid Tower Case Display: 15.6-inch Full High Definition (1080p) WLED with True-life + Touch
550W Heavy Duty TOUGH Series SATA Power Supply
Motherboard AM3+ AMD 760G Series / DDR3/ A&V&GbE/ MATX
16GB (4X4GB) DDR3-1333/1600 PC3-10666/12800
AMD FX 8350 4.0GHz (4.2GHz Turbo) Eight-Core Socket AM3+
20TB Seagate 7200RPM SATA3/SATA 6.0 GB/s 64MB
Onboard Multi-VGA output support : HDMI/DVI/RGB ports
Asus 24X DVD+/-RW SATA
8-Channel Digital Sound Card (onboard)
Microsoft Server R2 64 Bit full version

Client Computers
Your basic laptop/desktop single user interface system AKA workstation

Dell 15-7537 15.6-inch Intel i7-4500U 3.0GHz 8GB 1TB Win 8 Touchscreen Notebook
Operating system: Windows 8 (64-Bit)
Display: 15.6-inch Full High Definition (1080p) WLED with True-life + Touch
Webcam: Integrated Webcam
Processor: Intel i7-4500U 3.0GHz
Memory: 8GB
Hard drive: 1TB
Optical drive: DVD+/-RW
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Audio: Integrated