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Anger in English 206 Anger has been a driving force for humankind throughout history. It is found in all aspects of art, but it is a necessary ingredient in the creation of a novel. Almost every story ever created has some form of anger that helps drive the characters onwards towards the climax of the book. In this essay I will be explaining the significance of anger in Wuthering Heights, Angela’s Ashes, and A Small Place. In the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte anger is central to the plot line. Even in the title there is anger, the term Wuthering describes the fierce wind that blows during storms on the moors, in my belief the fierce wind and storms is a metaphor for the strength of the anger that is expressed by many of the characters throughout this book. In the first few chapters of the book you get a strange feeling about Wuthering Heights, its dark and brooding lord, the unnerving quiet that surrounds it, and the complete lack of trust in visitors, this all comes together to make you feel like you are in a place that has been all but destroyed by something negative. It is this feeling that drives Lockwood to ask the manors maid Nelly about the places history. The family’s early history tells of a tale of hatred between Heathcliff and Hindley that started upon heathcliffs introduction to the family. The two boys grow to hate each other more and more throughout their childhood. While Heathcliff and Catherines relationship started with animosity between one anther they become very good friends. The hatred that Hindley harbors for Heathcliff eventually forces Mr. Earnshaw to send him away to college. During these years without Hindley, Heathcliff and Catherine are very happy but we start to see some character flaws within Heathcliff, he quickly gives in to anger and jealousy. At the death of Mr. Earnshaw the reader is left wondering how the story will continue with Hindley as Lord of the Wuthering Heights. Upon Hindleys return he immediately takes out some revenge on Hindley by banning the boy from his education and treating him like a common laborer. Catherine is eventually introduced to the Lintons and spends some time at their manor after suffering an injury on their property. She comes back to the manor with recently learned “lady like” qualities. This drives a small wedge between herself and Heathcliff, who is now no better than a commoner. Sometime later Catherine accepts a marriage proposal from Edgar Linton, the eldest Linton child. The acceptance of this proposal buts Heathcliff in a rage and he leaves Wuthering Heights for a number of years. Upon Heathcliffs return he has become a rich and lordly. Hindley quickly accepts him back into the manor with plans to steal Heathcliffs fortune. The wedge between Heathcliff and Catherines relationship is driven further in by the fact that Catherine has married Edgar. Heathcliff in an act of revenge marries Edgars younger sister after confessing his love of Catherine and asking her to choose between himself and Edgar. This drives Catherine into madness and illness, of which she never fully recovers. At this point Heathcliff has become the villain in the book, he abuses his new wife and is constantly driven by dark rages. Eventually Catherine dies of a twice broken heart, but gives birth to a child, Catherine, shortly before her death. Isabella, Heathcliffs wife, leaves him and goes to London to have his child. Hindley dies shortly after leaving the manor to Heathcliff. Instead of pursuing his wife and child, Heathcliff remains in Wuthering Heights a broken man. The next book I will look at is Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. Unlike Wuthering Heights this novel is driven by a different sort of anger. The book takes place in America and Ireland in the early 1900s. The story begins is America in the 1930s, Malarchy, Franks father, is an alcoholic that is unable to provide for his growing family due to his addiction.