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WorkPlace Challenges

My current stresses are money, school, and my children. I believe that my anger style is bottle and blow mixed with cold shoulder. Money isn’t an issue until a bill comes up that hasn’t been paid and is on the verge of being late. That is the exact moment that I start stressing attitudes start flying and the blame game begins. I start getting an attitude and become very distant and sad. That is when my brain start racing with all these thoughts and mostly it’s the blame game I’m usually blaming my boyfriend for not paying for bill or for throwing important mail away without telling me. I will go in my room and shut the door and think, think, think and its never good self-talk. Then usually the next person that talks to me get blown up on. School is another one of my current stresses I don’t think it is school itself it is everything that comes with it like finding a daycare, missing class because of sick children, making it on time, and finding quiet time to study and get my homework done. If I’m trying to study my children are constantly coming up to me and needing something to drink, a snack, me to change their movie, or their fighting, crying ext. I will help them but at the same time I am shooting their dad a death look because he is sitting right in the living room usually playing his game or napping when he is home. I understand that he works long hours and every day and he needs his time to relax but I don’t express to him that I need a break sometimes too. I am the one with the children day in and day out doing everything that needs to be done from feeding, bathing, homework, speech, and of course being the referee. The only break that I do get is when I go to school. I just let my feeling build up until I’m feeling a little extra pressured like if I have a test coming up that I know I need to study for and I’m just not getting the time. I will take it out on my boyfriend saying hurtful things and ultimately go into a big long ridiculous rant about how he is not supporting me and so on. Lastly my children are one of my stressors. I wouldn’t say its my children themselves that stress me out because they are the best two things that ever happen to me in life but my oldest son has medical problems that we just don’t know how it