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Most important section is 3.

Question on one of these four poin ts…worth 4 points.

Other 15 marks are from all others.

Learn names such as:

Guzzo (no new excavations, tourist fees were kept for the use of Pompeii and Hec. Audio guides, cafes, restrooms, etc)

All had the same job (expect Mau) as Fiorelli to be the archaeological “superintendent” of Pompeii. Supervise the ongoing archaeology and manage the sites.

Teeth at Hec were in much better shape than in the Pompeian teeth. Due to the fluorine from the fish.

Volcanologist – Sigurdsson (proved an increased number of pyroclastic surges and flow in the eruption) He achieved it by studying volcanic layer and Pliny the Elder’s notes. Comparisons with Mt St Helen have also showed how the victims perished. Victims here suffered a similar fate. The majorty of them died by asphy, the ash was breathed in, combined with the mucus formed a plug – like cement, and suffocated them. Asphyxiation. Minority died from thermal shock. The brain exploded and pasted itself on the inside of the skull. Provided us with new understanding of stages of the eruption and impact on the people.

Essetelle Lazer – investigated the Lady of Oplontis by using resin cast instead of plaster. Could determine the population’s health due to the skulls, teeth, pelvis, bones.

Sarah Bisel found traces of led in the woman that caused some abnormalities/unhealthy reactions that may contradict the frescoes in Pompeii and depictions of women. Her work on skulls confirmed Sigurdsson’s theory.

Wihelmina Jashemski – Conducted research into crops, and discovered 148 different plants, and combined it with frescoes to built a profile of the plants. Her work suggested that 10% of Pompeii was used for crops.

A survey in 2006 with a laser scan of Hec created a 3D model of the city, obtaining plans and elevations of the structure.
The ethics of displaying human remains is a constant struggle. The issue of respect for the dead and their ancestors…
Ancestral remains returned for burial.

How appropriately is it for us to display people at their moment of their death?
Provide people a glimpse of these people’s agony. Inappropriately stored. Problem solved by making plaster casts of them.

Conversation vs Reconstruction is a major issue. Should money be spent on either? Comprising authenticity against conversing what we already have. Tourists put strain on science. It does provide funds and stimulated ongoing awareness about the city. Plants crumbling the walls. Pigeon droppings contaminate frescoes.


Herodotus (first Western historian)
– 5th century BC (everyone uses Herodotus as he was the only one who wrote about Persian wars)
- Religious roles of Kings


(page 27 Sparta booklet)
- 5th century BC
- pro – Athenian, disapparoves of regimentation – A: