Should People Hunt Animals

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Do you think people should hunt animals? I think people shouldn’t hunt for animals. Do they really deserve to be killed? I don’t think so. Even though, some individuals hunt animals for food to survive conversely there is plenty of phenomenal healthy food decisions instead of killing an innocent creature. I think animals also should be able to live like us, like a human being. However, people shouldn’t hunt animals for display or clothing pieces for instance they will be extinct besides these animals eat each other as their prey. To repeat, we have many other kinds of foods containing healthier choices and not involving killing a living creature. Some individuals/hunters don’t think about eating healthy considering they’re used to hunt for animals. We don’t need to kill or hunt animals for meat therefore that is why we have different kinds of meals that contain healthy ingredients. Although, meat is also a big part of food yet again animals shouldn’t sacrifice. There are some good reasons to hunt even though it is morally wrong to kill other human beings. Additionally, without hunting there will be dastardly problems with deer over population, starvation an etc. Although, I believe people don’t only hunt for animals as food, they do it considering they like it and it can be a passion for them. Finally, animals are like humans they have emotions, feelings, and pain. It’s like eating a person. People’s impression is they think animals were put in this world to be