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Animal Abuse April 26 2012

Animal abuse is a topic that is usually forgotten about. Many of you know that when I say that animal abuse is a good think. Animals are animals they are not like humans so it doesn’t matter. We all know that it is not true and that every day in the world whether in laboratories or for hunting reasons animals suffer. Many hunters are trying to play with Mother Nature. The best excuse that they could come up with is that we are trying to keep the deer population under control. They don’t get that the deer don’t need them they have been doing it for over hundreds of years without help and now all of a sudden they need our help it just doesn’t make any sense. When we get hurt or feel pain we cry. Animals feel pain without even crying. This means that they deserve our help. I will be talking about topics in which animal abuse is involved such as hunting, tests in laboratories and pets.

More than 100 million animals are killed each year in the US. It is said that for every animal that is hunted two other are injured and slowly die from blood loss or infection. Some of the reasons that hunters hunt is that they are enjoying nature. I totally disagree with that because how are they enjoying nature by destroying part of it. Hunters hunt to gain money by selling the furs to stores. Some people say that it is traditional because they had been doing it for hundreds of years. It is true but they had to because there was no local food store to get food from. The natives hunted because they had too.

Each year millions of animals are killed in laboratories. Even though nowadays there is no need for animals to be tested on because there are other sources like cell cultures, corneal and skin tissue cultures, corneas from eye banks, and computer and mathematical models. Still companies continue using animals as test subject. Rabbits are being tested to see how much poison an animal can withstand. They do test like injecting poison into their stomachs and see how much it takes for them to die. Rats are the most common test subjects in laboratories because they respond well to these tests.

Each year millions of animals are killed in shelters. They are put to death because they are unhealthy, uncared for and unwanted. Many pet owners buy dogs and sell them to puppy mills. They are put in cages that are in horrible condition and are…