Animal Abuse Senior Paper

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Animal Abuse

Jordan Froce

English IV
Period: 2
Mrs. Zoltani
9 April 2010
Jordan Froce
Mrs. Zoltani
English IV
3 March 2010
Animal Rights

Thesis Statement: Imagine a dog running to fetch a toy, A horse galloping on a trail, or even a heard of cows grazing upon a grassy pasture. These same beloved animals could be suffering an unimaginable fate in some of the world concentration camps that are still standing. Only nowadays they are known to the outside world as slaughterhouses, fur farms, or experimentation centers.

I. Introduction II. Animal Rights a. What they are b. Organizations III. Experimentaion c. Tests d. Labs IV. Clothing e. How it is made f. Fur Farms
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Once these animals get to these slaughterhouses they are all taken and all hung upside down dangling by their feet by chains. They then are either clobbered with a mallet or their throats are slit, often they are still alive for hours after these torturous attempts are made (Collins 24). They are frequently scalded with hot oil that burns the feathers off of these birds. In the end is it –
Froce 4 really worth it? It would not cost McDonalds or any other companies a dime to change these killings to make them more humane; the fact is they just refuse to. There have been many animal abuse cases recorded in the entertainment world. Such as wild animals being held in captivity, and isolation in order to be trained for our entertainment purposes. One of the more recent is that of the killer whale that accidentally killed one of the female trainers during a live performance at Orlando, Florida’s Sea World. This was the third time this whale was involved in a human death. Sea World officials are trying to decide what consequences will be for this whale (Whalow 2). The moral of the story is that wild animals including these orca whales are held in captivity, isolation and training they have no sense whatsoever of how rough they can be with the trainers, ultimately resulting in death. Wild animals such as elephants, lions, and tigers are whipped as a part of the training, which is a very painful,