Animal Adoption Persuasive Speech

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According to the, “Each year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized ( put down) in the United States, simply because too many pets come into shelters and too few people consider adoption”.
Most pets at shelters come from puppy mills or families that could no longer keep their pet.
Adopting helps fight against the puppy mills and helps lower the percentage of animals being put down.
I've seen the outcome of puppy mills and what they do and we, as people, can fight against it.
Overall, puppy mills are the leading cause of why there are so many animals in shelters.
Transition: According to the Animal Rescue League of Boston,“’re saving two lives; the life of the animal that you adopted and the life of the animal that’s
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The pet you choose will need lots of care for the first month or so. 1.Examples of the care the pet might need include, showing where the pet can get food, where the pet goes to the bathroom, where the pet can sit or sleep, what's good and what bad, basically like teaching a child at some points. Making sure the pet you choose is fit for your lifestyle is crucial.
1.Adopting a hyper dog and being a couch potato do not usually together.
Also, having a safe room, or crate, for your pet is a good idea.
1. Having a safe room or crate for your pet can benefit because, if the animal gets scared or the pet may get in trouble somehow, the animal has a place it knows nothing will bother them.
Showing them where and how things work is great but don't pile them over the first day. Spread out the process over a couple weeks.
Getting a copy of the animal's medical records and finding the best veterinarian for your pet should be done, for future references.
Transition: Try and maintain a healthy routine to the vet, If you truly try and grow a relationship with your pet you should be