Essay about Animal and Rocky Shore

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1. What are rocky shores? Rocky shores are areas in which a variety of animals live in a salty waters environment, and the body of water has a rocky shore containing pebbles and boulders. All of the species living in the rocky shore environment work together to form the rocky shores.
2. How are organisms on a rocky shore distributed? Some of the organisms living in the rocky shores live in the waters while others live in the rocks. Also, distributed in horizontal zones on the shore.
3. What three types of bedrock are typically found in a rocky shore ecosystem? The three types of bedrock found in the rocky shore ecosystem are the rocky shore, sandy shore, and salt marsh.
4. What are the different zones of the rocky shore? The first zone is the splash zone, second is the upper shore, third is the middle shore, the last zone is the lower zone.
5. What plants are found in each zone? Be specific on listing them
• Splash- grass
• Uppder- algae
• Middle- brown rockweeds
• Lower- Irish moss, rockweeds, and algae
6. What is the name of a plant-like species found in rocky shores? Algae and lichens are the plant like species found in rocky shores.
7. In which zone of the rocky shore would you most likely find only grasses and patches of lichens? In the splash zone.
8. What animals may be found in each zone?—be specific on listing them
• Upper- Rough Periwinkle
• Middle- rough periwinkles, smooth periwinkles, common periwinkles, crustaceans, hydroids, blue mussels, green sea urchins, dog whelks and purple starfish
• Lower- common periwinkles, limpets, green sea urchins, ispods and amphipods, sponges, hydroids, tube worms, horse mussels, brittle starfish, tunicates, sea…