Animal cell Essay

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The animal cell has a very intricate design and is built with such precision. The different cell organelles that form the cell are made with incredibly accuracy and one would think that only God could make it so precise; however this is where evolution creeps in. Our cells could have gradually grown and evolved into what they are now.
All the cell organelles have their own job. If one cell organelle failed to do its job then the whole cell would be in great danger and could possibly die. For example the cell membrane allows different substances into the cell and blocks others out. If the cell membrane stopped doing its job then a virus could enter the cell and it would be killed. The virus would soon spread and the body of the certain person/animal would be in jeopardy. This is very similar to any living organism. If a part in a humans body stopped working like ones heart then the person would be in peril. It would be impossible for something so intricate and baroque to have evolved, but if God is not alive then evolution could be the only possible reason.
Charles Darwin’s theory could be the answer to everything that has thought to be produced by God. Humans, plants, organs, everything! If this were true then gravity must have possibly evolved, but that is not possible. Only God could make something so complex and sophisticated, but then the Big Bang theory appears. All the matter that is thought to have made up all the planets, all the universes, nearly everything