Animal Cruelty Genre Analysis Essay

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Animal Cruelty: The Fur Industry
Oscar Otero-Fierro
University of Texas at El Paso
Professor Rodriguez
English 1312: Research and Critical Writing

Animal Cruelty: The Fur Industry

Recently, all throughout the United States theirs been ongoing organizations and campaigns that have risen the voice of for the animal’s in the fur industry, this is due to the fact that theirs been infiltrations on this industries, which can no longer keep the issues under wraps. The media and other sources facilitate the spread of such news, not only in the United States, but worldwide. The crime that seems to be increasing is, the cruelty to animals. The fur industry has been ignored and pushed aside in many third world countries in order to avoid being under the media’s inspection. This issue is being addressed through two genres that support the efforts being made to eliminate animal cruelty especially targeted to the fur industry. Born free USA’s article, “The Cruelty of Fur Trim,” explains the usage of fur in the fashion industry and describes the horrific cruelty that this animals to satisfy the market., and The Independent article, “ The Fur trade: Bloody Fashion,” states the importance of knowing about the fur industry and how it affects not only animals but us humans. These genres, and their views regarding the main issue, will be discussed further throughout the remainder of the genre analysis.

Audience and Purpose

The first genre, Born free USA’s article, “The Cruelty of Fur Trim,‘’ is a article that discussed the animal cruelty in the fur industry on December 15, 2002. The purpose of this particular article was to inform the reader regarding the cruelty of fur trim those animals goes through for the fashion containing this trims. The second genre, “ The Fur trade: Bloody Fashion,” created a article to persuade its reader about the usage of fur in the fashion industry in order to raise awareness of the actual cost of buying and/or using fur clothing while at the same time it informs about the occurring of such industries over the world. The intended audience for the first article is everyone, usually people interested in the protection of nature. Knowing the type of people that make up the audience of the article, one can infer that they are aware of the current cruelty going around world wide with the animals. For the second article the audience is more that related to the fashion, usually people interested in fashion and their accessories. Unlike the first genre, the second genre’s audience does not require the knowledge of the protective natural world, but they do need to know the intent of such article, its purpose and the activities they engage in. Both articles differ in the amount of information covered and the different information expressed in each. Since both genres are presented in the article form, they need to be brief and conscience in order to properly inform its readers and maintain their attention. This is due to the fact that in order to facilitate the spread of information, the author needs to be concise, containing too much information to read the reader would either have to be very interested in the organization or they would loose focus and the ideas would be spread.
Rhetorical Issues

Both genres exhibit rhetorical appeals, the manner in which these are employed and applied vary in accordance with the genre.

Pathos The author of the first article does not utilize an emotional appeal in a exaggerated manner. He provides evidence and examples of how these animals are threated and how they are killed and skinned in a professional manner without a crude description. Since the genre is very effective in conveying a desired emotion the information is presented in a way, which affects the audience, responds with out the utilization of an exaggerated appeal. The second article is very strong in the emotional appeal, using a great amount of emotion from readers due