Animal Cruelty Persuasive Speech

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Imagine being locked in a wired cage hardly bigger than the size of your body, deprived of any opportunity to exercise, and given scarcely enough food and water to live on. You've been forcibly taken away from your family, you're alone, you're scared, and you feel unloved. As horrifying as this may seem, these conditions are simply reality for hundreds or thousands of dogs in puppy mills throughout Australia .

A puppy mill is defined as "An establishment that breeds puppies for sale, on an intensive basis, in conditions regarded as inhumane". This means that the dogs are being bred purely for profit, and that the owners are treating their animals as a product and neglecting the fact that dogs are indeed living creatures. All across Australia
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More often, these heinous operations deprive the dogs of basic necessities, shortening their already painful lifespans. Once Puppies are sold, their mothers are left behind to endure endless cycles of producing littres in appalling conditions. Giving birth to new pups every heat cycle is physically demanding on the dogs, and their bodies fail them at around age five. Caesar Milian and Melissa Peltier, animal experts, write that the “lifespan of the breeding dogs is cut in half" because of these conditions. Once these dogs can no longer reproduce, they are deemed “useless” to breeders, and are disposed of.

English philosopher Jeremy Bentham once said "The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer?" - The principal of animal rights is nothing new and people throughout the ages have understood that animals aren't ours to use and abuse. Under animal cruelty legislation, if you mistreat or fail to properly care for your dog you can be prosecuted and face fines, jail or a ban on owning an animal. We as a society know that what is happening to these poor defenceless dogs is wrong; so why does it still