Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm

Human behavior can be interpreted through political systems in various ways. The novel, Animal Farm, by George Orwell brings history and mixes it through the characters in his novel. George Orwell wanted to bring the history of Russia into a more modern way by representing political figures as certain animals. One of my favorite characters in the novel was Boxer and there were others that was enjoyable to read about, such as Old Major, Squealer, and Napoleon.
Boxer was my favorite character in the novel because he was the kindest animal on the farm. He always cared about the others and never himself. Boxer was very loyal to the animals he cared about and always stuck by their side no matter what. Boxer was the hardest worker on the farm and never gave up. Two of Boxer's maxims were, "Napoleon is always right" and, "I must work harder." Boxer can never be a leader, he is always a follower.
Old Major taught animalism and was the best and was the first leader in Animal Farm. He symbolized Karl Marx who created communism. Old Major had three major concepts: workers do the work, rich keep the money, and animals revolt. Old Major was the mastermind behind all the leaders. Unfortunately, Old Major dies in the beginning of the novel, before the revolution by old age.
Napoleon was the cruelest animal on the farm. He symbolized Joseph Stalin because he didn’t speak well but was very smart and he was the main leader after the revolution. Napoleon wasn't a good