Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm: Practice SAC
“Power can make anyone greedy”
Choose an event or experience during or after the events related in Animal Farm. Write about it from one character’s point of view. * The battle of the windmill in Squealer’s point of view
The outlooks burst through the door looking anxious and panicked. They reported to me that Frederick and his followers have already destroyed the five-barred gate and have begun to take over the farm with their shot-guns. I was alarmed, Napoleon wouldn’t like this at all.
Just as the thought flitted from my mind, his voice called out to me sounding frustrated. I scurried into the dining hall where he was looking down at his breakfast annoyed. I glanced worries glances towards the door hoping Frederick hasn’t gone as far as the manor house yet.
“My eggs are cold,” He informed me. “Take it away.”
“Comrade Napoleon,” I addressed him by his new title despite my hatred towards it. “There is a more urgent matter needing our attention at the moment.”
“What could be more important than my breakfast? A leader cannot lead without his meals.” He informed me, handing me his undisturbed platter.
“The outlooks have warned me that at this very moment Frederick and his men are tearing through the farm. The animals are panicking!” He shot me an alarmed look and stood up abruptly dropping the dish in the progress.
“We must hurry then. The animals must be prepared to battle.” An angry thought crossed my mind, one I would’ve never say to his face – his carelessness of the animals before him and his manipulation over them were disgraceful and the only thing keeping me by his side will be the sweet taste of power and glory.
As Napoleon rushed out to settle the animals, I was hot on his heels. The sight of the attack overwhelmed me as I watched at least fifteen men with shot-guns harm the animals who were perusing them. I flitted a glance at Benjamin who stood next to me and when I looked back, Napoleon was at Boxer’s side trying to fend off our attackers.
“Look at him,” Benjamin stated “He’s trying to pretend to care.” I looked at him shocked and realised that Benjamin knew the true nature of who Napoleon really is. Seeing the surprise registered on my face “Donkeys live a long time, I’ve seen power in all different people and forms and I’ve seen how power has made him greedy.” I reflected on what he said and realised that he was right. That power was consuming and greedy.
A loud explosion shook me back to reality and I found that the battle was still raging on but Napoleon and Boxer were driven back and most of the animals were wounded. Napoleon paced up and down the pasture hiding looking lost and worried about how he could lose his farm, his power and his animals in a matter of few