Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a novel by George Orwell that strained the Bolshevik

Revolution and Soviet communism. Most places and characters in the novel have

some symbolic reference to one another. For example, I believe that Animal Farm represents

the Soviet Union. In the novel after The Rebellion, the animals rename the farm to Animal

Farm. Before the Rebellion, the original name of the farm was Manor Farm. I also believe that

the name Manor Farm represents Russia.

In the beginning of the novel, Mr. Jones is the farmer and the owner of Manor Farm. I

believe that Mr. Jones represents the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas Alexandrovich

Romanov. The father of Animalism was a pig named Old Major. I think he represents Karl

Marx and in some ways he also represents the original communist leader, Vladimir Lenin. The

reason why I believe that Old Major represents Vladimir Lenin is because Old Major’s skull is

displayed in a similar manner to the way Lenin’s remains were displayed in public in memory

of them.

Snowball is a pig just like Old Major and is another big character in the novel. He earns

all of the animals trust, but in the end he betrays him and is just as bad as the humans. I believe

that Snowball represents Leon Trotsky because Snowball was forced to leave the farm just like

Trotsky had been in 1929. Napoleon is also another pig that is in charge of the farm with

Snowball after the rebellion. I believe that Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, because he was the

second leader of the Soviet Union.

The puppies in the novel represent the Soviet military and police force. When the puppies

became fully grown and trained, their job is to protect Napoleon and to enforce Napoleon’s rules.

Boxer is a horse and a very hard working horse at that. I believe that represents the working class of the Soviet Union. The novel describes the horses as being the pigs most dedicated and hard

working animals and they do as they are told by the pigs and pass the orders around to the other

animals on the farm.

Mollie represents the Russian aristocracy that initially supported the Bolshevik

Revolution, but later fled the Soviet Union looking for their previous lifestyle. In the novel,

Mollie supports The Rebellion, but later on she misses her old lifestyle so she leaves Animal

Farm to live on another farm. The raven, Moses, represents the Russian Orthodox Church. In the

novel, Moses never really did any work. All he really did was sit around and tell stories about