Animal Farm Essay examples

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Animals on a farm have been worked like slaves. When the animals rebel and take control of the farm they decide to have the pigs take the leadership role.The animals start with strong ideals and for the first time the animals have freedom and are equal. But as the pigs get more power, the more they get selfish . Napoleon becomes corrupt when he is in control of animal farm because he uses his knowledge and he manipulates the animals on the farm.
It starts with Napoleon changing the Seven Commandments for his own benefits. When Napoleon overthrow's Snowball, by making his nine vicious dog's chase him.
Napoleon has all of the power with no one on the farm telling him anything.Then again,
Napoleon benefits himself by making a rule that, “The milk and the windfall Apple's should be only for the pigs.” Another corrupt rule that Napoleon created was, “There will be work on
Sundays. But any animal who absented himself from it would have his rations reduced by half.” This way the animals felt like they had a choice. As Napoleon gets more power, the more commandments and rules he changes.
Napoleon was naughty to the hens when “Napoleon accepted a contract for 400 eggs a week.” Even though the hens didn't want to do it , Napoleon did not change his mind. He was mean enough to starve the hens to death and got the eggs on time. Napoleon also disobeyed another commandment by selling a lumber to Fredrick for money. Even…