Animal Farm And Anthem Comparison Essay

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Ayn Rand’s Anthem and George Orwell’s Animal Farm are two of the most eccentric and revolutionary novels in today’s world. Both books are studied across the nation for reasons that any high school student recognizes. The two novels are ideal examples for the stereotypical utopia and dystopia situation. Although the two novels appear to be twins they could not be more different. For example, Animal Farm’s approach on symbolism is very bold and in your face, whereas Anthem’s approach is more subtle. Another difference is their outlook on the governments. In Animal Farm, they despise the government with every bone in their body, but in Anthem, the people fear the government. On the other hand, something that the two novels have in common is their …show more content…
Both books are based around the idea of a perfect utopian society. This concept is definitely interesting because there is really no such thing as a perfect utopian society without it being a dystopia. When a society tries to be perfect and without flaws, there is no real peace or serenity in the society. There will always be at least one person acting as an outlier that wants to disturb the peace. For example, Prometheus from Anthem and Old Major in Animal Farm. Both of these characters broke the social mold and tried to go against the government as well as the society to try and find something more. In the case of Prometheus, something more was the chance to love, not only to love another human being, but to love one’s own self. Old Major on the hand just wanted to rebel against the caste system and proposed the idea that all animals are equal. Sadly, Old major’s beliefs were not appreciated. George Orwell Believed that Old Major’s character should have died for his rebellion. Tragically, Old Major did not get the happy ending that Ayn Rand blessed Prometheus with and he died. These two characters accentuate the concept that there can be no utopia without first being a