Animal Farm and Napoleon Essay

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Animal Farm is a dystopian novel written by George Orwell and published in England after 1945. It is a considered a “classic” book and shows the allegorical context that reflects the events leading up to and during the Stalin Area before World War 2. Animal farm shows many aspects that lead up to the fact that it is a classic book like it shows life morals, humanity, expression, life, propaganda and the universal themes. It shows coherent ideas about human nature and will continue to be relevant in the present and the past from the Russian revolution times.
The classic novel animal farm is considered allegorical, representing each of the characters to the Russian Revolution to animals like Napoleon as Joseph Stalin , Snowball as Leo Trotsky, Old Major as Karl Marx, Mr. Jones as Nicholas II other animals as society that was mistreated later on in the book. In the start of the book when Old Major had called all the animals in the barn because of Mr. Jones mistreating the animals in this case was Nicholas Czar the second who was a foolish king that had ruled Russia and had mistreated its people and was defeated. Old Major knew he was expected to die and make radical changes altogether was representing Karl Marx a German philosopher who wanted to make a big change. When Old Major died Snowball and Napoleon both wanted to make changes but instead Snowball was chosen as leader because of the skills he had, Snowball represents Leo Trotsky who was a Russian Marxist revolutionary that believed in Karl Marx’s ways but later on was defeated by Napoleon who is based on the de facto leader of the Soviet Union. This shows the morality of life that happened in the mid-1920s and the political power people had that controlled violence and terror.
When Napoleon had taken care of the dogs and used them to dethrone Snowball as leader, he took advantage of them by using propagandas to promote himself as an essential leader for them. In this case Propaganda would be referred to as a political use to promote the set of ideas that a person has that could be perception or an organization. In the book there are a lot of propagandas such as Old Major’s speech, apples for the pigs, debate over the windmill, Squealers speeches of Napoleon. The main propaganda would be when Snowball had left, as emotions were running high and were so shocked they were desperate to believe in something and that’s when Napoleon came over and helped them. Ironically he was using propaganda to take advantage of them as he had robbed them of their believes, changed the rules one by one, abolishes Beasts of England falsely statistics. Propaganda didn’t just happen once but it led to other things such as fear and terror just like the quote in the seven commandments: All animals are equal/ but some animals are more equal than others.
Exploitation also another theme to the context of Animal Farm shows very important realization human rights that haven’t been fulfilled at all. When Napoleon took over the farm, all the animals were exploited under his command while the dogs and pigs were saved and had the advantage over the animals