Animal Farm Book Review - Ally Hatfield Essay

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Ally Hatfield
Animal Farm Book Review Animal Farm by George Orwell was published in August of 1946 in Great Britain. During this time period several major events occurred in the world, for example World War II ended during this time. At that point in time, Great Britain, the United States, and the USSR were not quite allies, but at the same time they weren’t exactly enemies either. Most of the world feared Nazi’s and Fascism. Along with that, fear of Communism was also beginning to become present. When George Orwell wrote this book, he was targeting it at a certain audience. This audience was generally non-Stalinists that were at the age of 16 and over, and lived outside of the USSR. If you did not meet these requirements, most likely at the time this book was newly released, you did not read it. The entire book has a lot more meaning than just being about animal’s lives, the whole book is symbolic. George Orwell is a very well known other, and he did not only write Animal Farm, but he also wrote other books, such as: Nineteen Eighty Four, Down and Out in Paris and London, The Road and Wigan Pier, Homage to Catalonia, Coming Up for Air and many others. George Orwell is very well known for being a socialist, and he had extremely strong political views and opinions. He is from Great Britain, and in 1938 he was in the Spanish Civil War. He was also a Communist fighter against Fascism and was very adamant in his efforts to destroy Fascism. He was extremely opinionated, and his book Animal Farm was completely symbolic of political issues and his views on them. He did not live a very long life; he was only forty seven years old when he died from a bad case of Tuberculosis. His real name wasn’t even George Orwell, that was only his pen name. His true birth name was actually Eric Arthur Blair. He is considered by some people the twentieth century’s greatest writer of English culture, and is very well known around the world for his impressive literature and strong political opinions. Throughout the years people have thought about George Orwell’s purpose of writing Animal Farm. Since reading the book I have drawn up my own conclusions for his purpose of writing Animal Farm. I think his main reason for writing this particular book was to let people know what was going on with the world in that time period. I believe that he wanted to educate people about what was going on between different countries, and how politics and government were hurting them. By writing Animal Farm I think that he also wanted to inform people on Communism and Stalinism. He was expressing his opinions about these types of government in a certain way. He was using the story about the animals as symbols to display different types of government and the conflicts they could potentially cause. As I have previously stated, George Orwell was notorious for having extremely strong views on politics, and he was using this book as a way to express some of his thoughts on different political systems. I know that George Orwell did not write this book to create a simple little story about animals, but it was an outlet for his expression on politics, and was purely symbolic. I think that Orwell did not want the readers of Animal Farm to think about the animals themselves, but he just wanted us to realize what they actually represented, which was all politics. In my own opinion, I enjoyed reading Animal Farm; it definitely made me analyze the true meaning of the book and the symbols behind it, although I honestly didn’t enjoy how it was all symbolic. It did make me think me more, and all of the meanings and symbolism did give the book more of a purpose, but I am not quite sure if I enjoyed all of that. In the book, everything represented