Animal Farm Compare And Contrast Essay

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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana) This is a demonstrated in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. Animal Farm is an allegory about the Russian Revolution. These two connect by having similar events and characteristics. For example how Stalin the dictator, from the Russian Revolution compares to Napoleon. Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution are very similar. The Russian Revolution has many similarities events such as in the book Animal Farm. In both of them, they each start with a big problem which is people are starving and animals are starving. For example people in Russia where starving because of major food shortage and people couldn't afford buying any. In Animal Farm where …show more content…
These two cruel human beings have multiple things in common. Czar Nicholas II and Farmer Jones didn't realize the hurt they put on the country or farm. Czar Nicholas II wasn't the best ruler for Russia. He was very greedy and only wanted the best for his family, while the country was suffering. Farmer Jones would be drinkinking and would forget to feed the animals. He preferred to drink instead of taking care of his animals because they have been starving for days. Farmer Jones and Czar Nicholas II took there own for granted which lead them stabbing them in the back. For example how during the Russian Revolution Czar Nicholas II was murdered by his own soldiers, which they also killed his whole family so they wouldn't follow his footsteps. Farmer Jones didn't treat the animals the best, they were furious of how he was treating them. They decided to take charge and find a way to kick him out of the farm. Another thing they have in common is how they took control of them (Brown 14). During 1918 Czar Nicholas II and his loved ones where prisoners in Russia after the new government. In the book Animal Farm, farmer Jones gets controlled over and powered over by the animals. The animals started to create their own little rules of how things should be runned in the farm. Which lead to the seven commandments.(Brown